You are a Leader. Coaching is a proven tool to help you lead with more confidence, make lasting and significant impact, grow the trust of your team and reach your personal and professional goals.



  • Complimentary Sample Session

  • 360 Assessment & Report

  • Discovery Session* & Report

  • Individual Sessions

    *The discovery session is a longer session used to

    • Identify client values, priorities and objectives

    • Design the alliance between the client & the coach



As team leader you have the opportunity to create and grow an inclusive, engaged, productive team. Think of coaching as an anti-dote to miscommunication, misalignment and stalled creativity that will have lasting, measurable benefits.



  • Game Plan Assessment – including current + future state visioning

  • Individual & Team Assessments + Report(s)

  • Team Working Sessions

    • Sample Topics:

      • Building the Vision

      • Brand Alignment

      • Individual Brand Ownership

    • Recommended Team Size: 4–10 People

    • 1/2 Day Sessions

    • Monthly check ins with team leaders

  • Individual Coaching for Team Members