Westhoff Coaching

You have made a commitment to becoming a more confident and effective leader.   I am committed to helping you achieve your goals.  I will listen, ask tough questions and hold you accountable. Navigating change with self awareness and determination enables leaders to perform at their best. I work with individuals and teams to confirm direction, discover strengths and develop strategic plans.

Do you know what it feels like to operate from a place of clarity and strength? Step over the line, shift your thinking and see the changes for yourself.


“Step over the line, shift your thinking and see the changes for yourself.”

– Betsy



Mary M. Erangey

Communications professional

“I highly recommend Betsy. I had never worked with a coach before and, with both career and life transition issues before me, was unsure what kind of coaching would best suit me. She set me at ease right away. Betsy has helped me access thoughts and feelings about the values that inspire my best work and self that had become dulled. She has helped me balance awareness with practical assessments to identify next steps. Betsy sets a thoughtful course for each session; gives solid homework assignments to ensure accountability; has worked with me to integrate a mind-body perspective in our work; and she’s a delightful person to work with.”



Project Manager

RW Baird

“Betsy is a thoughtful, insightful professional and she has helped me see a different perspective as I continue to navigate my career path.”



Sr. Director, Strategy

Neurodevelopment Franchise

Takeda Pharmaceuticals

I first worked with Betsy as a mentor through Women Unlimited. After the program ended Betsy became my trusted coach and helped me to navigate a significant career opportunity with confidence and insight.




Frazier Healthcare Partners

“I am relatively new to this job and appreciate Betsy’s coaching as I assume more responsibility. In particular I like how she blends coaching and consulting. Her years of experience make her perspective valuable. I also appreciate how she keeps things “light,” which allows me to consider how I want to handle some of the more demanding situations. Betsy builds connection and trust quickly. I had never had a coach before but it is very clear how valuable this partnership can be. Over the last several months, I have seen changes in my behavior that are benefiting me both in the office and out of work.”