Individual Coaching


We’ll work together as client and coach on topics you identify. As rising or developing leaders you may be wondering how you are going to manage your direct reports, show up as a natural and influential leader, stay focused on the big picture etc. The list of ways to grow as a leader; stepping into your natural power is long and the areas to explore are diverse. What I know for sure is that the process of exploration, brainstorming and developing new perspectives helps leaders gain the confidence they want to make real impact.

Team Coaching


Teams often find that in the midst of change they lose their momentum, focus or even their sense of purpose. Living up to the brand promise of the organization - its Power- is not always easy and can be inconsistent. Owning it - really knowing what you stand for and how to communicate that promise both internally and externally is foundational to smart decision making.  As an experienced team coach/consultant we’ll work together to get the team back on track, streamline communications and re-establish a sense of direction for the work.