The Green Mama


Manda Aufochs Gillespie


Her  Story
She’s a fearless crusader helping thought-leaders, institutions, and parents understand how to grow greener families and communities. Manda now lives on remote Cortes Island, British Columbia (where there are only 1,000 people and, yep, over 7 hours to Vancouver) with her two young daughters. To quote Manda, “I was ready to live here intellectually but had no idea before I came how to chop my own wood.” Manda is also the author of two books, and the founder of Folk University commonly known as FolkU, a unique site dedicated to the people of Cortes and dare I say... chock full of ideas for all of us trying to unite diverse communities.

Her Unique Brand of Leadership
It all started for Manda when she realized that people become hyper-invested in the future when they become parents — this unique change in one’s life often serves as a wake up call...when people realize they “hold some of the power for change in their own hands” with a deep commitment to investing in the future. Needless to say, this intense sentiment, “I want to do more” is not unique to parents. She knows that this sense of personal responsibility is precious.

What she knows about leaders
Freedom is essential to responsibility. “Many people in the world do not have freedom* because they do not have the privilege of responsibility for their own lives: To Learn, To Care, To Question. As people start to take ownership of their lives they become leaders in any realm they choose… and in doing so have the power to change the world.”

*Freedom to manifest our highest self and priorities

*Freedom from disease, poverty ….

What I learned from her
Leadership is precious and unequivocally tied to personal responsibility. Laughing at ourselves along the way makes all the difference in the world!

To learn more about Manda, visit her website here.

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