Julie Hoffmann


Her Story
Julie is passionate about using smart philanthropy to affect and deepen impact.  Her career has been shaped by a drive to connect organizations and people with the resources they need to increase agency and growth among those they serve.  You can find a long list of all the amazing and creative things she has done to help others here, but suffice it to say I was “wow’d” the minute I met her with her focus, joy and commitment.

Her Unique Brand of Leadership
Julie believes that leadership is all about helping others to reach their own potential.  Operating from that place makes her intentional about her interactions with other and keeps her humble.  She knows that some power is given to leaders and some is earned. The giving part is a privilege. The earning is a constant quest.  She understands that power and leadership often go together- and so empowering others to assume their rightful role as leaders is central to her.  

What she knows about Leaders
Successful leaders ask themselves over and over again what will motivate those around them-  she calls this kind of leadership “relational”. And her favorite quote from Harry Kraemer:  I don’t have to know everything but I do have to know people who do.”

What I learned from Julie

  1. Engage your manager or other senior leaders in your company as advocates. If possible, be open and honest about what drives you and your future goals, so they can partner with you to achieve them.

  2. And, as the manager, engage with your team members in their ultimate personal and professional goals. You would rather be a part of their journeys and leverage their interests to help them be successful and motivated in their roles, as opposed to being caught off guard by them leaving for another job before telling you they wanted more! 

  3. Use every opportunity - a job, a project, a volunteer gig, a board role - to add tools to your toolbox that will help you along your career journey.

Have fun! Find people that inspire you and challenge you - if work is weighing you down all the time, you need to do something else.

A few of Julie’s Favorite Things

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