Jenny Kaufman


Her Story
Jenny’s an unassuming leader who sneaks up on you, her students, friends, family and team members in all the best ways.

With her deep experience and understanding of yoga and human nature, Jenny influences those around her to accept, appreciate and pay it forward.  

Jenny has 25 + years of experience as a Yoga and Meditation Instructor, retreat leader and wellness studio manager.  Armed with the practice of yoga as a tool, she leads her students in ways that allow us to find deep strength you didn’t know was there until called upon.  Her community of admirers ranges from CEO to children of all ages.   

Her Unique Brand of Leadership
When Jenny started working one on one with Senior Level Business leaders and groups she quickly noted how energy levels create impact.  With this observation, she is committed to finessing her already keen sense of what is going on around her to use her voice, body and words to meet people where they are.  To quote from one of her CEO students: “This is one of the few times in my entire day that I can surrender and fully trust that someone has my best interest in mind.”

What she knows about leaders
Most of us don’t know that others see us as leaders.  “Lead” can be a scary word. But what if we are leaders?  Thinking about our influence matters -- yoga is practiced on and off the mat.  “The most effective tool I have is breath. When we take deep, slow breaths we encourage our nervous system to stay calm...and in those moments, we can decide how to act and be around others instead of simply reacting.”

What I learned from Jenny
Great leaders must be willing to be vulnerable.  Being able to ask for help when direction is not clear is smart.


  • FIFA Women’s World Cup Champions!

  • Books: Reboot by Jerry Colonna

  • Podcasts: Without Fail

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